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Sticky: Recovery from Rhinoplasty Surgery | The Importance of Listening to Your Plastic Surgeon

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Have you just completed Rhinoplasty surgery? Or, are you in the process of scheduling plastic surgery to have a nose job? Hopefully, you have discussed all of the factors involved in having this type of facial surgery with your doctor. Any time that you have a surgical operation, your body needs time to recover. And, recovery time is very important to the overall success of the procedure.

It is important that you understand what is being done to your nose and the nasal cavities of your face. Be sure to get meet with your cosmetic surgeon and get a list of pre-surgery and post-surgery directions for you to follow. The odds of a successful operation will be dramatically increased if you simply understand, and follow, these directions.

For many people, this is too simple. That is, they expect that there is more required of them than just getting some rest and recovery. Instead, they focus their attention on everything that can go wrong and what might happen to their appearance. But, that is to be expected as some people always seem to be pessimistic about everything. So, be sure that the first step in your recovery is having a positive and excited anticipation of how your appearance will improve from the surgery. Then, rest assured that you won’t make any mistakes in the recovery process. After all, all of the hard work is done by your plastic surgeon. You merely have to follow his or her instructions to have the best recovery process possible.

Risks of Facial Surgery

With any surgery, including rhinoplasty surgery, there are dangers and risks associated with not following the post-surgery directions that you get from the medical team. The greatest risk is having complications that can otherwise be avoided if you simply do as you are instructed. When you undergo rhinoplasty surgery, skin and tissue will be removed and cutting will be involved. Even though your nose is sutured back up, the tissue is a target for infection. This is why you should follow the steps given you for taking care of the affected area and exercising caution in not exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Infection from improper care is both painful and can cause serious health complications. The rhinoplasty surgeon might even have to perform a secondary surgery to remove the infected tissue.

Another major reason for following the post-operative directions from your doctor is to enhance the chances of having the best short-term and long-term results from the nose job procedure. This form of facial surgery is one of the cosmetic procedures, like liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries, that require you to closely monitor your progress and adhere to the post-surgery recovery steps. A nose job is a bit risky simply because of the fact that your face is being operated on. Obviously, you are having the surgery to improve your appearance. The last thing you want is to have post-surgical complications simply because you failed to follow the doctor’s orders and instructions for your recovery. If you fail to abide by your doctor’s instructions, you may look worse than you did before the surgery. This would leave you with low self-esteem and you would have wasted your money on surgery.

Meeting with Your Plastic Facial Surgeon

As mentioned above, your plastic surgeon should provide you with a detailed list of instructions to follow after your surgery. These instructions should be discussed prior to the surgery when you are having a consultation with the surgeon. If you are like most people, you want to know everything that is involved and required in the recovery process. Be assured, however, that the cosmetic surgeon who is performing your nose job has many years of experience. As such, the post-operative instructions for your recovery will be the same as those given to all of his or her patients. So, the steps you are to follow will have already been tested and tried on many other rhinoplasty patients. This will eliminate the guesswork.
When you meet with the surgeon and his staff, be sure to discuss the medications that you should take. You will want to know if over-the-counter pain medicines can be used for minor pain and discomfort. You will likely have to experience some pain from the cosmetic facial surgery. So, be sure that you ask your doctor which medications you can take and which ones work the best. And, be sure to find out if you will need to use an ice pack in order to reduce any swelling from the surgery.

Recovery from Plastic Surgery Instructions

Finally, you will likely need to change your bandages on a daily basis. Learn how to keep them clean and dry until your next visit especially when you shower or take a bath. And, ask the doctor about any other restrictions. In most instances following surgery, whether rhinoplasty, liposuction, and breast enlargements, you will have to avoid heavy lifting and avoid exercise for several weeks.

As you can see, it is important that you strictly follow all post-surgical instructions given to you by your cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeon. So, be sure to schedule your pre-surgery appointment with the doctor and ask all questions that you have and address any concerns you might have about having a nose job. After all, it is your nose and your face! Be proactive and positive about having cosmetic facial surgery. In fact, the best way to stay excited and positive about this facial surgery is to remove all doubt by getting answers to any lingering questions that you may have.

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Charleston who specializes in Rhinoplasty, consider contacting Plastic Surgery Specialists. They have established a reputation for having the top cosmetic facial surgeons in all of South Carolina. You can visit their website ( or give them a call at (843) 779-1819. They have offices in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant and Summerville and will gladly make an appointment to discuss your nose job and answer all of your questions, including those involved with your recovery.

PS: If you still have concerns, check out Mayo Clinic’s site for more information about the risks of facial surgery. You can also watch this video from a leading cosmetic surgeon:

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